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Do you like to work with your dog towards a goal?

Is sniffing and searching a passion for your dog?

Do you enjoy observing dog behavior?

Then Mantrailing might be something for you!

Mantrailing is tracking, searching for missing persons through the pursuit of human scent.  The dog will be given the space to pursue the odour naturally and work independently, as it would do when hunting.

Why choose Mantrailing Overijssel?

  • The only GAK9 training centre in the Netherlands
  • Certified canine behaviour therapist and instructor
  • The possibility to acquire official certificates
  • Small groups and continuous personal coaching
  • Video feedback and theory explained during the classes
  • Joining search and rescue organizations possible 
  • Various victims to find, as often as possible
  • Affordable fees

Recent Facebook activity

Mantrailing Overijssel

1 day 17 hours ago

Back home, end of a 3 days GAK9 Mantrailing seminar Latvia, Riga
Thank you so much Maria Vladimirova for the perfect organization and all the translation work!
It was amazing to work with people from different backgrounds and countries far far away. During the time bounding, respect and exchange of mantrailing experience happened and grew to a high level.
So now I sadly have to say goodbye to everybody....
We hope to see you another time and wish you many happy trails in the meantime!

Назад домой, конец 3 дней GAK9 Mantrailing workshop Латвия, Рига
Большое спасибо Марии Владимировой за прекрасную организацию и всю работу по переводу!
Удивительно было работать с людьми из разных стран и стран далеко. В течение ограниченного времени уважение и обмен опытом мантры происходили и росли до высокого уровня.
Так что теперь я, к сожалению, должен попрощаться со всеми ...
Мы надеемся увидеть вас в другой раз и желаем вам много счастливых троп в то же время!

Mantrailing Overijssel

3 days 13 hours ago

End of the second day of the Latvia mantrailing seminar: Dîner pensant

Mantrailing Overijssel

4 days 14 hours ago

GAK9 Mantrailing seminar Latvia, Riga
Day one, inventory trails in these beautiful woods!

Mantrailing Overijssel

3 weeks 2 days ago

Back home, end of a 3 days GAK9 Mantrailing seminar Limburg(nl)
Thank you Truus Manders-VanLier and Nad Manders for the perfect organization!
It was amazing to work with all these people, I knew from before, I saw a lot of progress.
It was nice to have so many great runners!