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Do you like to work towards a goal with your dog?

Would you like to know more about the science of working with a dog’s nose?

Is sniffing and searching your dog’s passion?

Do you enjoy observing dog behavior?

A mantrailing course at Mantrailing Overijssel might be exactly what you are looking for!

about the courses we offer.

Mantrailing is tracking; searching for people through the pursuit of a scent trail.
The dog will be given the space to pursue the odor naturally and work independently, as it would do when hunting.

Why choose Mantrailing Overijssel?

We are thè mantrailing school in the Netherlands!

 – Dog friendly and modern training.
– Certified canine behaviour therapists and instructors (DogVision certified).
– The possibility to acquire certificates.
– Video feedback and theory explained during classes.
– Small groups.
– Variation in “victims” to find, as often as possible.
– Instruction about double blind trails.
– Transition to search and rescue organizations possible.