What is required for mantrailing?

Patience, respect and trust! And....

  • Trailing harness (a y-model harness is a must)
  • A 10 meter long leash (preferably a round leather leash, for easy line handling and some elasticity to prevent line checks)
  • A regular dog collar, no chain/slip collar
  • Plastic containers and VERY good treats
  • 2 toys the dog loves to play with
  • Drinking water for the dog during trailing, particularly on hot days
  • Waist bag to carry treats and water on the trail
  • Gloves (optionally)
  • Scent articles containing your fresh scent, so other teams can find you (e.g. socks, handkerchief, t-shirt)
  • Good shoes and waterproof clothing for you
  • Reflective vest for you
  • Reflective vest and/or light beacon for your dog
  • Watch/cellphone
  • Tick/mosquito repellant
  • Notebook to keep track of your progress
  • Poop bags
  • Car with a dog kennel or comfortable blanket (the dog needs to be able to rest in the car)

During the first few lessons, long leashes and tracking harnesses can be borrowed at the school.

Radio's, GPS-loggers, shadow netting...

Click for more information about training materials we use at Mantrailing Overijssel