Our teams

These teams have passed exams layed out by a certified GAK9 instructor and have been certified by GAK9 standards. The exams were taken on unknown terrain and the runner was unknown to the dog. For more information about exam standards and assessment, see  "GAK9 Certification". Level 1 must be achieved before moving on to further levels.

Level 1:

Fallon & K9 Beako

Kirsten & K9 Fenna

Anke & K9 Evi

Raoul & K9 Lola

Alice & K9 Otchum

Agnes & K9 Shadow

Anke & K9 Lino

Annemarie & K9 Buuv

Rob & K9 Darah

Truus & K9 Jatise

Babette & K9 Vida

Piet & K9 Balou

Dick & K9 Xina

José & K9 Frankie

Albert & K9 Abby

Patricia & K9 Felix

Meintje & K9 Sue

Janine & K9 Pip

Marieke & K9 Tallie

Johnny & K9 Tara

Gerrit & K9 Lupo

Debora & K9 Turbo

Margreet & K9 Radek

Level 2:

José & K9 Bailey