What do I need for mantrailing?

Patience, respect & confidence! 


During the trail:

  • Trailing harness (an y-model harness is a must).
  • A 10 meter long leash (preferably a round leather leash, for smooth line handling and some elasticity to prevent line checks).
  • A regular dog collar, no chain/slip collar.
  • Plastic containers and AMAZING dog treats.
  • If your dog loves to play with a toy you can bring that too.
  • Water for your dog, in a bottle so you can take it with you.
  • A snack for chewing or a Kong that you can give your dog at the end of the trail.
  • Waist bag so you can take treats and water with you on the trail.
  • Gloves (optional).
  • Good shoes and waterproof clothing for the handler.
  • Reflective safety vest for the handler.
  • Reflective safety vest for the dog and/or a light beacon.
  • Watch/cellphone.
  • Tick/mosquito repellant.
  • Poop bags.

In between exercises:

  • Notebook to keep track of progress.
  • Car with a dog kennel or comfortable blanket (the dog needs to be able to rest in the car).
  • Chew bones, stuffed kong, or a puzzle toy  to help the dog relax in the car.
  • A blanket to cover the car if your dog is restless in the car. You also need to work on this at home, ask for advice.
  • Optional: A silver shade cloth and a tailgate lock that allows for ventilation in the car

During the first few lessons, long leashes and tracking harnesses can be borrowed from Mantrailing Overijssel.

Two-way radios, GPS-loggers, shade cloth…

More information about the materials we use during training and where it can be ordered.

GPS loggers; GT-730FL-S USB

Two-way radio; Motorola TLKR T80

Silver shade cloth; Aluminet 70% schaduwnet

Tailgate lock; Ventlock kofferbaksluiter